6th April 2020: First Zoom Group Meeting and welcome to new members Jacob and Eddie (now officially)!

1-4. December 2019: RACI R&D Topics Conference in Adelaide, Charles Croft and Natalie Uhlikova won prizes for the best oral presentation (2nd place) and poster presentation, respectively. Congratulations!

27th November 2019: Bosirul Hoque has submitted his thesis! Well done, mate!  

31st July 2019: Congratulations to Charles Croft on winning the best demonstrator for 3rd year students!   

July 2019: Congratulations to Maddy, Menuha and Nan on finishing their studies! Well done and good luck with your future steps!

Bosirul Hoque won the best oral presentation award at the 14th International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology (MST2019, June 13-14) in Singapore. Congratulations! 

22 March 2019 – Birthday celebration

20 December 2018 – Christmas dinner

9 October 2018 – Group photo

26 October 2017 – Birthday celebration

22 September 2017 – Featured article published in Analytica Chimica Acta 987 (2017) 1-14

19 July 2017 – Professor Spas Kolev receives 2017 Max O’Connor Prize of La Trobe Institute for Molecular  Sciences


27 May 2017 – Featured article published in Analytica Chimica Acta 975 (2017) 1-10

25 May 2017 – Birthday celebration