Current Group Members

Group Leader

Professor Spas D. Kolev

Research Staff

Dr M. Inês G. S. Almeida
Dr Yanlin Zhang

Honorary Staff

Professor Robert W. Cattrall (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
Associate Professor Ian D. McKelvie (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Associate Professor Richard J. S. Morrison (Honorary Principal Fellow)
Robert Western

Postdoctoral Fellows

Eddie Nagul

Re-joined: April 2020
Project: Classified

PhD Students

Lenka O’Connor Sraj

Joined: 2013
Project: Development of novel analytical devices for monitoring ammonia and pH in marine environments

Bosirul Hoque

Joined: November 2015
Project: Development of polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) incorporating cross-linking polymers for faster extraction and longer stability

Fidelis Nitti

Joined: May 2016
Project: Development of smart passive sampling device for monitoring of heavy metal pollutants in aquatic systems

Charles Croft

Joined: August 2015
Project: The development and characterisation of micro polymer inclusion beads (µPIBs) and their application to flow analysis systems

Neda Nematollahi

Joined: March 2016
Project: Analysis of volatile organic compound emissions from fragranced consumer products

Natalie Uhlikova

Joined: February 2019
Project: Development of µPADs for detection of total inorganic nitrogen in water and soil samples

David Tambaru

Joined: July 2019
Project: Development of inexpensive non-invasive techniques and devices for the detection of salivary biomarkers

Jacob Fry

Joined: April 2020
Project: Developing fluorescence-based aerosol sensor


MSc Students

Song Ziyi

Joined: July 2019
Project: Supported PdNP catalyst for organic synthesis

QiuYu Wang

Joined: July 2018
Project: Microfluid fabrication of polymer hollow fibre membrane and its application to the removal of thiocyanate from water

Honours Students

Sherlly Tsui

Started: February 2020
Project: The use of polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) for paper-based sensing of phosphate

Current Visiting Academic Staff and Research Students

Slavomira (Slavka) Zatrochova

Slavka is a student at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, that joined our group in August 2019.

Project: Automated determination of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid using PIM (Polymer Inclusion Membrane) pre-concentration in SIA (Sequential Injection Analysis) system

Students Undertaking Research Experience

James Smith

Joined: January 2020

Project: An analysis of various b-diketone complexes on their extraction for lithium in polymer inclusion membrane systems






Jun Park

Joined: July 2019

Project: The development and characterisation of micro polymer inclusion beads (µPIBs) and their application to flow analysis systems (supervised by Charles Croft)